How To Quit Your Job

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You’ve got a new job (Whoop Whoop), but now you really do need to quit your current job. Maybe you are excited, maybe you are still tentative, either way you need to make sure that you leave well. Even if you want to run out the building and never look back, it is always good to leave well and in the process leave the door open.

Below are five of the top tips to leaving your job well.

  1. Don’t Let HR Be The One’s To Tell Your Manager

    Follow HR protocol when it comes to resigning, but show your manager the courtesy of telling her or him yourself. You might not have had much face time with them, but they will remember the courtesy you extended.

  2. Stay Focused Until The End

    The prospect of a new job is likely to have your mind wondering, but keep your mind in the game. It might be difficult to maintain face, especially if you are prepping for your new job, but finishing strong will solidify your reputation.

  3. Train Up and Clean Out

    Do they already have a replacement for you? If so, do they need training? Offer to train your replacement, or at the least provide them with all the instructions they need. The team you are leaving will thank you for it. Likewise, clean out your inbox. Don’t just delete them all, make sure you consider what information might need to be passed on. Those random account login details for that rogue website service you used might be useful again one day.

  4. Constructive Feedback

    Depending on the size and structure of the company, and if you haven’t had one already, it’s likely you will have an exit interview. Use this time to be honest, open and constructive if you have any criticisms. It’s not an opportunity to slate the company, but one to show them that you know and care about the company.

  5. Thank Everyone and Keep In Touch

    Thank everyone you have worked with, and keep tabs on Linkedin. It’s a small world especially if you are staying within an industry.