Excel Refresher and Simple Excel Shortcuts To Save You Time

Need an Excel refresher?

Save time and improve your excel knowledge with these starter shortcuts.

Copy items from one cell/area so you can paste them elsewhere in your workbook.
PC: Ctrl + C
Mac: Cmd + C

Once you have copied items, use this shortcut to paste them elsewhere
PC: Ctrl + V
Mac: Cmd + V

When you need to quickly undo something
PC: Ctrl + Z
Mac: Cmd + Z

Save a workbook
Save. Just always save your work, and now you have the shortcut so you have no excuse.
PC: Ctrl + S
Mac: Cmd + S

Bolds text/data. When dealing with a vast sheet of data and/or text use this bold shortcut to help you section it out.
PC: Ctrl + B
Mac: Cmd + B

Add Borders
Adds borders around the selected cell(s). Like the bold function use this to help you section out your worksheets.
PC: Alt + H, B
Mac: Ctrl + Shift + &

Delete Column
Sometimes you need to just delete a whole column for whatever reason, use this shortcut.
PC: Alt + H, D, C
Mac: Ctrl + -

Insert Table
If you need a table select your data and then use this shortcut or vice versa.
PC: Ctrl + T
Mac: Cmd + T

Select Entire Row
If you want to quickly highlight a row, perhaps because you want to format the whole row use this.
PC: Shift + Space
Mac: Shift + Space

Select Entire Column
Like above, if you want to quickly format a whole row use this shortcut.
PC: Ctrl + Space
Mac: Shift + Space

Hide Row
If you are dealing with a large data sheet hiding rows and columns can be really useful in order for you to compare data which might be rows/columns apart.
PC: Ctrl + 9
Mac: Cmd + 9

Hide Column
Like above, hiding a column can be really useful to compare data across a large data set.
PC: Ctrl + 0
Mac: Cmd + 0

Copy formula from a cell above
If you know the formula above is what you need to copy use this shortcut and then paste.
PC: Ctrl + ‘
Mac: Cmd + ’

Copy Value from a cell above
If you know the value above is what you need to copy use this shortcut.
PC: Ctrl + Shift + “
Mac: Cmd + “