What to Wear to an Interview

Nik Macmillan

Nik Macmillan

You have come this far, and now you have an interview - what do you wear?

With a suit being given a run for it’s money by jeans and a T-shirt, it’s fair to say choosing an outfit has become a little more complicated. An interview is meant for you to be queried, and dare I say it the judged, so it’s important you do your research.

Below are some pointers as to what to consider when it comes to choosing your outfit.

Research the Company

It’s likely you have already done your due diligence, but take a look at the company again, is it a really relaxed company that frames itself in the same class as google or Red Bull? Or does it look a little more suit orientated e.g. it’s a law firm or an energy company? If their website doesn’t make it obvious you can always check out their social media accounts. If it’s still not obvious it’s likely best to be cautious.

Research the Role

So you find out you are interviewing with a fairly relaxed tech company, but what role are you interviewing for? If you are interviewing for a data scientist role maybe it’s okay to be a little more relaxed, but if you are interviewing for an investor-facing or client-facing role it might be worth considering that. You might be working around people in jeans and a t-shirt, but you might be working with companies and/or individuals who have a more formal attire.

Accessories and Colours

Unless you are interviewing for a fashion based role, it’s usually best to keep the bright colours and bulky jewellery to a minimum. An overload of both can be pretty distracting and ultimately might detract from what you are saying. It might seem over the top, but as humans we undoubtedly make connections between what colours we see and what this might predict, for example the age old wear blue or red to seem powerful. It’s true and according to this paper might be because we see them as dominant.

Do You

Having just given you some suggestions I now want to say - do you. If you have an interview with a law firm and you want to wear a bold pink suit because that makes you feel confident and feel like you, then go for it. Likewise if you want to wear a three piece suit to an interview for a jeans and t-shirt company because you know you can do your job in it, then go for it. And if you don’t get the job because of what you like to wear, then that company probably wasn’t for you.