Walking Meeting

Self-care at Work

Self care is the big buzzword across many social media channels, it’s the luxury which is now considered a necessity, but what actually is it?

Perhaps you know it as the moisturiser that you get every few months just to treat yourself, or maybe it is the Deliveroo you order after that long day, either way it is the gesture which makes you feel a little bit closer to, the more commonly talked about, physical version of you - but what about the likes of your relationships, emotions, and your mind? These are all aspects that make you, You .

You spend a vast amount of your life at work, and a lot of what goes on there affects the other aspects of you, as such below are some tips for you to bear in mind when you want to up your TLC game.


Pause, Slow Down, Breathe

It can be hard to pause, especially in a potentially fast paced environment. However, in the long run giving yourself time to breathe and recoup will allow you to practice resilience, and ultimately help you build a reputation for being stable. This kind of reputation helps you keep momentum at work, and keeps you on track for that promotion you might have in mind.


Work on Building Relationships

Sometimes we find ourselves in positions where we say “Hi!” to a colleague but we never take a moment to get to know them. It might be the girl who you go to for graphics help, or the person you always see in the kitchen at 4pm, either way why not ask them if they want a coffee or if they want to grab a drink after work. Not only is it good to let you hair down and step away from work mid-week, but developing relationships can be a game-changer at work, and you might even find a new friend to bond over that strange hobby of yours.


Try to Stop Using The Word “Should”

It’s pretty likely you life is already hectic, perhaps because of work or perhaps because of personal reasons, so why add more to your plate by saying “I should have done that.”. We have lots of things we could have done, and in many cases you still can, but give yourself some space to focus on what you are doing right now in the present. And if you cant stop yourself from ruminating, try changing “Should have” to “Could have” in your internal dialogue.


Celebrate Yourself and Learn About Yourself

If you find the negative self-talk is getting to you, or you need to pick yourself up, write a list of your successes. Reminding ourselves of our successes can help us to remember what we are capable of, you may have negative self-talk but you still managed to do X.

A side opportunity with this activity is to learn why our successes were successful. If you were drawn to this activity because you cant figure out a problem, look back at your successes, and as well as celebrating them look at them and think about what made it a success; was it your drive? Was it the skillset at your disposal? Or was it the creative angle you brought to it?


Get Away From Your Desk

If you have an office coffee machine and you bring in your own lunch, find other ways to get out of the office. Finding time to go out gives us space to do what we might need to do. Use the time to think of that problem, hold a walking meeting, or just be.